Some of the services we offer are:

  • Small animal annual & geriatric wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, artificial insemination, treatment for eye, ear and skin issues
  • Many surgical services for small animals and pocket pets, including spays, neuters, abdominal surgery, cesarean sections, tumor removals, cherry eye repair, wound repair and reconstruction, soft tissue surgery
  • Diagnostic services including labwork done in-house for small animals, horses, and ruminants, Digital X-ray for small animals and horses, diabetic management, lab referral for DNA testing, and FIV/FeLV testing, Heartworm testing & prevention, allergy testing, and more
  • Dental cleaning, extractions, and other oral surgeries for small animals, as well as teeth trimming and filing for pocket pets
  • Equine examinations, disease prevention & vaccinations, dentistry, including preventative floating, cap removal, wolf teeth extraction, corrective procedures, and maintaining the geriatric horse mouth
  • Minor equine surgery such as lump and sarcoid removal, castration, wound treatment, 3rd eyelid flaps, caslicks, and lameness exams and treatment plans, foaling, and more
  • Cattle examinations and treatments, pregnancy testing, calving and related needs, leg casting, castration, insurance claims, vaccination programs
  • In-home euthanasia for small animals, to allow for a more private and comfortable environment for pets and their families
  • Transportation for pets: pickups and deliveries, to and from the groomer, boarding kennel, and delivery of medications for people without transportation

And more!